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I’ll like to share my journey with you.

Before 2016, I was fat and shapeless. My 6 foot body weighed 120kg. I was literally on an unhealthy diet. My obesity was proof that I could dismantle any mountain of food. This wasn’t a trophy I was proud of. I always admired a trim and fitted look but was I ready to work for it?​
 I finally got around to it and hit the gym. After a month, I lost some 5kg. I was estatic about my progress and was motivated to continue. I praised myself constantly and started to ‘reward’ my effort with cheat meals. As you’ve already guessed, I started putting on weight. It seemed that my aim was defeated.
The only way out was to make a lifestyle out of good food and exercise. I had to make a decision to start living a healthy lifestyle. With a lot of discipline, I lost 15kg after 4 months. These ‘gains’ kept me motivated to achieve my current weight – 85kg. I now feel in a safe place. Like achieving anything good in life, it’s a dedicated process.

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